Our Intention

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We all come from the womb, so we can choose to remember and  access womb wisdom. We can cultivate our abilities as womb weavers, containers and co-creators.  We can conceive, birth, nourish life and  rebirth each other.  While we are certainly capable of/supportive of everyone cultivating orgasmic  and reproductive health, our crucial quest is more vast. Wombn has been called to contribute to the healing and re-directing of our embodied and empowered energies for the betterment of humanity.

As women, we are not just mothers, but sisters, mentors, matriarchs, midwives, grandmothers and elders. It is our highest and most divine purpose to recognize the need and to restore the art of the ethical balanced conscious woman in all her glorious forms.  We are interested in the veneration of the sacred feminine and proponents of the enlightened woman and the enlightened man. We intend to re-examine and redefine sexual ethics and values in light of the new waves of sexual awakening and uses/misuses of power expressed around the world. We intend to assist humanity in sex evolution and subsequently earth’s return to balance. Sexuality; is perhaps the most loaded powerful word, triggering, opinions, conflict, trauma, shame, guilt, judgement, envy, fear, oppression, denial, lust, addiction and prejudice in our psyches. It is time we heal globally.

WOMBN was conceived in 2003. WOMBN offers a variety of educational and transformational journeys. Our intention is to:

  • Revisit all sexual constructs and replace outdated un-evolved suppressed, oppressed, pejorative, perverted, violent, predatorial, or undervalued ways of perceiving women, men and our bodies
  • Redefine women’s and mens embodiment, sexual anatomy and sexual function in multiple ways and our emphasis is: holistic, health-oriented, sacred, esoteric~spiritual applications, innovative integrations, ethics and integrity . We are particularly interested in sensual intelligence, sensual energy, harvesting creativity,  cultivating joy, sensual/sexual self esteem, IQ, and sensual identities
  • Re-create and share sacred rites of passages and standards for restoring and maintaining womb/yoni (and lingam) health at every  phase of  life
  • Bestow and reclaim wisdom, honor and reverence to our bodies,  wombs and genitalia in ways that both men and women can understand and share with others freely and without shame, guilt, disrespect or judgement
  • Create standards for yoni/womb awareness, yoni/womb healing, energy clearings and womb rebirthing with integrity and ethics. We believe womb healing must be  non-exploitative, accessible and available to all women
  • Create standards and ethics, train and certify practitioners for yoni/womb wellness.
  • Redefine and expand the definitions of sexuality, sex identity, sexual self esteem and sensual intelligence for boys, girls, women and men
  • Give girls and boys, women and men rites of passage that emphasize guidance and ethics as paramount to accepting the awesome sacred powers they possess
  • Help girls boys, men and women manage the pressures that abound around them and help them channel sex-energy and each’s powers with the utmost focus on ethics and integrity
  • Restore compassion and quickly learn to recognize the symptoms of fear, inadequacy and competition that alienate us from bonding with each other and helps us return to innocence, bonding and community
  • Bestow a sense of honor and henceforth accept our power as sacred healers, guides, and role models of enlightened sexuality
  • View each other and the opposite sex as  allies, co~contributers and collaborators and in great need of universal psychic sex reconstruction…
  • Redefine and clarify gender constructs and learn how we limit and/or expand our experiences and repertoires, as well as others, via the words, costumes and props we use in our daily life
  • Tie our teachings to global issues and raise awareness: especially working to eradicate FGM and sex trafficking and targeting educational projects that help boys/girls and women’s individual rights and our collective psyche and reeducating and healing men
  • Having developed enlightened sexuality modules, encouraging parents to educate and re-educate their children and teens about enlightened sexuality
  • Train, certify and offer WOMBN gatherings throughout the US and abroad
  • Be active  nationally and internationally. Co-create and educate with panel discussions, guest speakers, workshops, seminars, spoken word, rituals, fundraisers,  media presentations, art and music and philanthropy for various international causes