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dr lisa pic for flyersDr. Lisa: Greetings. I am Lisa Apramian.  After previous years of winging it sexually and becoming disallusioned with sex, I stumbled upon a path I am apparently supposed to be on. I want to use my powes as a sentient woman to weave self-esteem, consciousness, spirituality, holistic heath and energetics into sex and see us all evolve! A little about me: I earned 4 degrees from USC; 3 degrees in pscyhology, (Ph.D, M.S., B.A)  and a 4th degree, (B.S.) in women’s/men’s studies and sexuality. I worked in a medical group for ten years and had a private practice in LA for ten years. I have studied tantric yoga, meditation and sex education for an additional ten years, in particular, Kundalini, Shakta Tantra and Taoist Tantra. My first enlightened orgasm occured after 13 years of abstinence. I had been meditating, cleansing and in vipassana. It inspired me to learn more. I have worked with various yogis (Ra) and/or studied the work of various yogis, tantra teachers, and healers including: Robert Frye, Bodhi Avinasha, Mantak Chia and Charles Muir. I have consulted with various monks on the Tantras, the ego, sex and enlightenment. I witnessed various practitioners, a few who I will name, including Mare Simone and participated in pujas with Francoise, Cynthia Lamborner, Osi and Dr, Kamalla Allan, Ph.D. After careful reflection, I came up with my own style and understanding and unique soul purpose in supporting enlightened sexuality.

In 2007, I conducted a study on menapause and libido in NYC and in 2008 I created the enlightened sexuality survey…http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/enlightenedpilotsurvey. The results of this survey have been applied to WOMBN workshops and the new shorter survey will be complete by this year’s end.

I presented the 1st WOMB’N in 2003 with help from my midwives, Diane Ure, Shanti Shivanti and Lorraine DeLear. WOMBN has grown and evolved serving women in various parts of the world and expanded to include men and parents. Other projects and celebrative movements  in society, such as red tents have some similarities, yet WOMBN remains unique.

I combine  years of training and knowledge as a psychologist, sex-energy educator and researcher, white tantra coach, shamanic ritualist, yoni/womb healer, film maker and expressive artist. I live and teach in NYC and San Diego, CA and abroad. I have presented my work at AASECT and SSSS for the past 5 years.

Below are a few of WOMBN’s supportive core who have helped alot this last year as supporters and/or facilitators. They are  involved and passionate about their focus in conscious enlightened sexuality, sexual self-esteem and sexual IQ and the various pathways that ensue.

Leti Styles 

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Leti worked in the social service arena and court system for 10 years working
with victims of violence and rape, sexual abuse, drug & alcohol addictions and
mental illness. This deepened her compassion and understanding of the human
condition.  In the early 2000’s she began offering Tantra Pujas (gatherings), sex
education groups and empowerment circles for women.  Leti has been an
ordained minister for the past 15 years, and has earned numerous certificates in
Tantric Arts, Expressive Art Therapies, Breath-Work, Hypnosis and Shamanic
Studies.  She has studied extensively with renowned Tantric Masters i.e, Bernie
Prior, Caroline and Charles Muir, Mantak Chia; inspired by spiritual teachers like
Osho, and various shamans and energy healers.   She trained directly with John
Gray Ph.D., an internationally recognized author and expert in the fields of
communication and relationships.  Her work with creativity, sacred sexuality,
intimacy and relationship dynamics has given her an integrative approach, using
her own life experience with grounded and practical application.

Leti guides her clients to have new insights, enhance sexual satisfaction and
intimacy.  Her coaching is based on real life solutions to empower life changes
and choices.  Sexuality and Creative Alchemy is her hallmark process along with
a transpersonal and spiritual approach.  She works with her clients to help them
access the infinite potential of their body intelligence, tap into the power of their
sexual expression and the healing potential of Tantric practices.   Leti works
privately, facilitating classes, coaching, women’s groups, empowerment circles
and gatherings in Orange County.  Leti is also an artist painting large florals on
silk  and exhibits in local galleries in Orange County, CA.  Her images capture
the beauty of the feminine essence in nature.

Peter Bunge: 

peter pic

In the early 80s Peter trained and was an intern directly with Stan Dale, founder of the Human Awareness Institute (HAI).  Peter has been an avid student and teacher of  the Course and Miracles for over 30 years. He has studied Compassionate Communication and attended a variety of personal growth seminars.    Over the years, Peter has participated in and promoted teen programs that promoted social understanding, tolerance of  cultural, gender and race diversity in the school system as a volunteer.    He has led a variety of support groups for men and led Tantra Puja gatherings with his wife for the past ten years. By combining the spiritual principals of non judgment and unity Peter brings a gentle and compassionate  approach when working with men and women to assist them to release shame, judgement and guilt.   He holds a strong belief that we are far more than bodies, but at the same time we can embrace our divinity through our sexuality and acceptance of our humanity..


karl balancing karl namaste

Born and bred of sturdy stock, a good little Baptist boy in Texas graduated in art from Baylor University with a healthy start in traditional moral values. Upon moving to Southern California, he heard a deeper voice.  FireDancing, exotic dancing, vision quests, bodywork, medicine work, mens work and anything that carried him thru the deepest Dark lead him to find the truth that could not be found in the Light. 

He now leads circles of men to embrace the good, bad, awesome and ugly of being a man. His intention is to forge raw masculine power and to train, share, heal and grow in the cultivation of trust, sensitivity, honor and resolve to be the enlightened men we are destined to be.

Sherri: Hi I am 50 years old and a mother of 2, and a grandmother of 2. I am a passionate nurturing healer and I focus on massage therapy and lymphatic therapy . I am also currently educating women about the importance of Pelvic Floor fitness and I support the use of weighted eggs for Kegel exercise workouts toning the vaginal muscles.  Its becoming a more common topic of conversation; because  vitality is something we are striving to achieve on all levels. Women must be our own advocates and proactive in our wellness and joy. I am interested in having healthy sexual relationships. I support women’s issues. I see women disconnected, settling for being unsatisfied,  lost in the past, or stuck and sick. My wish is they overcome sexual traumas. Together lets heal and move forward; loving ourselves and each other in the process. Love, live, and heal in body, mind and soul.


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