WOMBN facilitates groups for women and men of all ages, sizes, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. The groups have a multitude of resources, props, exercises for individual, dyads, and the group as a whole..The groups are filled with rituals and rites of passage, body, genital anatomy and education, eastern methods such as chakras, kundalini, the Tao of sex, shamanism and sex, meditation, rediscovering, sharing, journaling, role modeling, observing, acting/re-enacting, singing, chanting, laughing, crying, moving, dancing, being, witnessing,  sculpting, painting, hugging, connecting, empowering. A variety of methods are presented with the intention of supporting, releasing, strengthening, accepting, understanding, healing, integrating and awakening~

In addition to supporting reproductive health, sexual health and IQ, we are passionate about facilitating erotic intelligence and celebrating the energetics of sex as the highest level of engagement.

women-sometimes women need to be in a safe sacred space just-for-women in order to heal connect, release and awaken

men- men need to be supported in becoming fully embodied, emotionally integrated, balanced and empathic of women while grounded, conscious, sensual and empowered

coed-many women and men are able to share and benefit from their journey and struggles in mixed groups

parents-adults wish to apply their experiences and knowledge and discuss/learn how  to present this information in age appropriate formats to their children, nephews or student.


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