WOMBN offers individual sessions for yoni/womb healing.

These healings are facilitated by women. At this time, women in training may sit in and support wombn/yoni healings.  Sessions are led by a trained certified women. Men who are in training may sit in and support a woman receiving a wombn healings with their partner. Men take oaths they may not reproduce nor charge for wombn/yoni healings. We feel the vagina,  yoni and  womb have been exploited and alleged “conscious sexuality” and “neo-tantra” in contemporary society are too new and knowledge and power  needs to remain at a sacred spiritual level. Many tantric monks concur with this. Even yogi’s and dakas have exploited and even date raped their clients and many excited about the new waves.. are hiring marketing agents who are encouraging them to charge tens of thousands for yoni/womb services. This just feels too similar to pimping out the woman. The ego must be humbled, balanced and restrained in order to do this work and practitioners need to go through rigourous self-improvement and focus on being an authentic healer. And not as behaving as a lover. One should also have studied psychologies, energy work, trauma, attachment, and have a

Just some of the foci for healing and releasing and rebirthing are:

memories, trauma, discomfort, pain, surgeries, STD’s, hormones, pregnancies, abortions, miscarriages, penetration experiences, cysts, tumors, and other maladies in the womb/yoni, menstruation, myths, cultivating a vast array of orgasmic repetoires, sexual and sensual self esteem and IQ, creativity, fertility and more.

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